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Re-opening #61703

My time one is Europe/London(GMT + 1). The state of timestamp sensor i am getting is in a wrong time zone.

For a state of a timestamp sensor: The value i expect: 2022-10-02T18:56:30+01:00 The value i get : 2022-10-02T18:56:30+00:00

As @rappenze spotted in , looks like PR #61254 is the change causing the problem

What version of Home Assistant Core has the issue?


What was the last working version of Home Assistant Core?

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What type of installation are you running?

Home Assistant OS

Integration causing the issue


Link to integration documentation on our website

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Diagnostics information

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Example YAML snippet

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Anything in the logs that might be useful for us?

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The problem described in #61703 which is linked here was most probably not a problem of HA. I was just confused because my samsung wash machine has a cleaning program which is suggested when a program is finished. In this state, the timestamp reported was not anymore the finish time of the program but something different, maybe the finishing time if you additionally start the cleaning program after the program is finished. So most probably this issue has nothing to do with #61703.


Hey there @andrewsayre, mind taking a look at this issue as it has been labeled with an integration (smartthings) you are listed as a code owner for? Thanks! (message by CodeOwnersMention)

smartthings documentation smartthings source (message by IssueLinks)

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