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Describe the Bug

none of the following values for pipeline.build.inputs work to include all files under ./src (relative to a package in the monorepo) when running in a docker build context that does not include the .git directory with remote caching (via fox1t/turborepo-remote-cache); as a result, there are cache hits when there should be misses.

  • src
  • src/**
  • src/**/*

caching works as expected when leaving pipeline.build.inputs undefined

Expected Behavior

the cache is invalidated when any files specified by a globbing pattern in the pipeline.build.inputs array, change

To Reproduce

run pnpm turbo build in a Dockerfile with remote caching against a container running fox1t/turborepo-remote-cache, with the monorepo .git directory excluded from the build context by adding to .dockerignore

Reproduction Repo

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