Quick questions HOI4 version: 1.12.6 Kaiserreich version: 0.23.1

Describe the specific change you would like: I would like the map color for Ukraine to be changed to something nicer than the brown color it has right now, like a light blue, for example.

Explain the reasoning behind this actionable change: Brown color isn't representative of Ukraine and it looks ugly on the map. Some shade of blue or yellow would fit better because those colors are present on the flag of Ukraine. But yellow is already used on Romania. There is no nearby country using blue.

Additional context or comments: I've been inspired by this Reddit post to suggest that Ukraine would look great with a light bluish color, like on the map of the post.


I've edited the KR files to apply that color to Ukraine, to see how it looks. The RGB code of that exact color is { 112 151 206 }.







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