Win11 is the latest stable release from nuget .net 6.0 console app

Describe the bug Using the generated code from a simple tabular scenario with 1 label column with 3 possible values results in an exception.

This is the exact code offered by the model maker

"//Load sample data var sampleData = new MLModel1.ModelInput() { Col0 = -1.833333F, Col1 = -0.9662699F, Col2 = -0.8599034F, Col3 = -0.2951389F, Col4 = 4.972222F, Col5 = -0.422619F, Col6 = -0.1358025F, };

//Load model and predict output var result = MLModel1.Predict(sampleData); " Even the plain sample project generated will not run and causing this exception.

Asking for a prediction will cause the exception, and it always complains that the label column is missing, which does not make sense to me. I have also replicated this in a completely new project, from scratch. The source data feed consists of the 7 data columns, and the label column.

The exception will always be Unhandled exception. System.Exception: col7 column not found. Make sure the name searched for matches the name in the schema.

Not sure what is happening here as I have done this in the past without issue (though at least a few months back!)

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