Bug Description

For a user that has rights to 'View existing users' and 'View existing user roles' the 'User roles' tab of the 'Users' directory can not be opened and an error message is displayed.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Log in the app with a user that has rights to view existing users and existing user roles (no other rights selected in the 'Users' section of the user role configuration page);
  2. Click on the 'Users' directory and then on the 'User roles' tab.

Actual Behavior

An error message is displayed and the user is not able to see the existing user roles: image

Expected Behavior

No error message should appear and the user should be able to view the existing user roles.


System Details

  • Device: Windows 10
  • SORMAS version: 1.79.0; 1.78.0
  • Android version/Browser: Chrome
  • Server URL: local machine; https://release-international.sormas.netzlink.com/
  • User Role: Configured user with the following user rights:

image image image image image image

Additional Information

Logs from the local machine: user role logs.txt

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