Quick summary

Users cannot upload .mp4 or .mov files (possibly any video files at all) via the Media Library or the Video Block on Atomic sites. This doesn't appear to be theme-specific.

Personal Atomic Site Test: CleanShot 2022-08-31 at 15 48 48

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start by navigating to the site referenced in 5522178-zd-woothemes
  2. Navigate to My Site → Media → Select any .MP4 file → Download the File and Rename It
  3. Open a test atomic site and navigate to My Site → Media → Click 'Add New'

What you expected to happen

A successful .mp4 upload to an Atomic site.

What actually happened

The following error is shown on upload:

1 file could not be uploaded because an error occurred while uploading.


  • This has been noted on 5522178-zd-woothemes and personal atomic sites.
  • Changing the file type doesn't seem to correct the issue (for instance, .mov doesn't upload either).
  • Videos cannot be uploaded via the Editor either.
  • Images can still be uploaded.

Platform (Simple, Atomic, or both?)


Theme-specific issue?

Not theme specific.

Browser, operating system and other notes

No response




Some (< 50%)

Available workarounds?

No response

Workaround details

No response


Support References

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  • [ ] 5522178-zen
  • [ ] 5522323-zen
  • [ ] 5522504-zen

reported in

  • [ ] 5522323-zen

Thanks for the report

For widespread Atomic-specific things, please be sure to ping @Automattic/reactor, and also @ at-help internally, and possibly post to Atomic Requests as well. Feel free to just start with a ping, though.

cc @upwardmomentum84

Internal discussion: p1661975727174769-slack-C02FMH4G8


Reported in

  • [ ] 30710011-hc
  • [ ] 5522504-zen

Jetpack 11.3beta caused some issues

We reverted back to 11.3-a.11 and issues are resolved.

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