Describe the bug Game Freezes on the spot as soon as you try to press play once the preloader finishes loading, happens with all 3 games in the series with this message in the log.

Error dispatching event EventObject(EventObject { type: "click", class:, ptr: 0x43d17f0 }) to handler FunctionObject(FunctionObject { ptr: 0x4274798 }) : RustError("Cannot access property ::volume of null or undefined")

Expected behavior

Game shouldn't just freeze up as soon as you try to press play.

Affected platform

Browser's extension

Operating system

Windows 11


Edge 109

Additional information

No response


Tested with the latest ruffle nightly and it seems capable now of getting to the title screen. However there is a new issue now, if you click on "play" or "credits", it will take you to the next menu, but everything will become unclickable as a result, essentially leaving you stuck on the level select or credits screen.

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