Please, provide a clear description what the bug is:

The whirldwind shredder mobs in desolace, is showing as being one place but is actually in another. I was just fighting, an dead flyer and 3 of them popped out of no where and ganked me like rogues. So ended up loosing my hunter to this death trap of a bug.

Steps to reproduce the behavior with as much detail as possible:

  1. Mobs not being where their were
  2. Mobs teleporting too player when attacking
  3. Mobs apperantly traveling in groups of three, but shown being solo.

IDs of affected creatures, items, quests or spells with a link to the relevant page:


Expected behavior. Describe how it should work:

They shouldnt be teleporting or be stealth. They should be pathing and showing their pathing as normal, instead of just randomly teleporting to a player in groups of 3.


Similar to #2218. They're still behaving in a weird way.


I can't reproduce the issue you're having, but I'll make these mobs sit idle out of combat, and perhaps that will fix the movement issues you're seeing.


They way they move and attack is similar to how those Devilsaurs behave in Un'Goro. You'll see them moving in a perfectly straight line regardless of terrain, and if you get somewhat close, they'll attack, causing their actual position to sync up.

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